Introducing the Power of Verbatim Digital Video

The power of video is indisputable, persuasive and powerful, but until now video has been reserved for larger cases and expert witnesses due to the cost. There is no disputing the value of video, it can persuasively demonstrate the veracity of the deponent by highlighting eye contact, coaching, nervous fidgeting and hesitations that the written record simply doesn’t pick up on.

That dynamic has now changed, Verbatim offers complimentary synchronized video to our clients when they order a transcript as a standard deliverable. We live in the digital age – your reporting agency should too.

With the help of our expert technicians, video can effectively communicate complex material into understandable concepts.  

All Verbatim reporters shoot in digital format using professional-grade, high-definition cameras. A simultaneous video and audio backup is recorded on a DVD recorder for redundancy with full online access to the synchronized transcript and video.


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