Verbatim is committed to the most advanced

We have a pedigree dating back to 1980. From servicing law firm clients in Multi-District cases, to individual court systems, we’ve done it all. The principals, who include a real time reporter with over thirty years of experience, average ten plus years in the court reporting space and provide a focus on service second to none.

We are focused on both traditional and visual depositions that integrate the latest technology, including offering complimentary digital video to our clients. By partnering with our clients to understand individual complexities, we can provide a streamlined litigation process and a transformed deposition.

In October 2017 we joined thirtyb3 to expand our services and coverage, and now offer true Nationwide Coverage. Schedule with us and experience the difference. Historically, Verbatim is a grouping of well known brands – dating back to 1980 with Official Reporting – the leading reporting agency serving the courts in South Florida. Apex Reporting, DDS, Kresse and Goldman, Naccarato, Vela & Associates make up the new Verbatim.



We use the latest audio and video technology to provide a modern version of the record. High quality video, synchronized to the transcript, delivered quickly. Our digital video is complimentary to our clients when the transcript is ordered.

The same court reporting service you’re used to. We help manage your case, and have excellent relationships with our reporters to ensure you receive nothing but the best.

In addition, you receive full online repository access to all the critical documents in whichever electronic format you require for your internal case management tools.

High Definition, professional videography to capture every eye roll, red face, or confident response that make your case.

We offer Nationwide Coverage through our experienced team centralized in Fort Lauderdale. 

Irrespective of the location, we can schedule Certified Court Reporters and conference rooms as required.

Verbatim Support Services ensures high-quality transcription services from all types of media, analog or digital, including VOB, MPEG, WMV, Flash, FTR Gold, CD, DVD or web link.

We work with more than 20 court systems and governmental entities around the country — Attorney Generals, Public Defenders, and Criminal Grand Juries, to name a few. The level of care required to handle these sensitive cases has led to an unmatched attention to detail and dedication.
From providing reporting and discovery solutions on the largest multi-district cases of the day, to stand alone depositions, we work with leading law firms delivering a level of care reflecting our longevity, expertise and dedication.
We service both small, local insurance carriers, to large national corporations. We have experience managing some of the largest programs in the country providing cutting-edge technology and business management. From specialized operations to data-driven performance, we keep all processes transparent, seeking to work together to create something special. It’s refreshingly simple, but it makes a big difference.
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